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Jack Shannon

Mark became the first investor in RECESS after we shot him a blind email and he responded. We traded maybe 15 emails back and forth talking through the model and our vision and negotiating terms. Mark made a quick decision and then passed it off to his team to handle the diligence and closing. Mark immediately made an impact on our business by making key intros to partners we were interested in meeting. Mark is incredibly responsive and reachable on email and will write back if he's interested in what you are building.


Even though I pitched Mark and the other sharks in the tank a few years ago, I can still remember the way he laid into me about not knowing my metrics well enough. Now, I know my GMV, MRR, CAC, and LTV like they are extensions of my name. Even though he did not end up investing in my company, I reached out to them occasionally for advice and to update him on my company's progress. He has responded every time with direct points of feedback, and I really appreciate that he has taken the time to help me out even though I am not one of his portfolio companies.

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